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2014年12月23日 (火)

then string into music

Life is like a cup of wine, often reminds us of yesterday's song. That if have if have no outside with deep, along with the mood of the ebb and flow, is not so peaceful. Cried, laughed, true from also being repeated, we slowly grow up .


When a person's feeling is the most beautiful, the treasure box of memories in the colorful ring beam warm the heart of every corner. Those who think of the past can not pass, in that the moment, maybe end is already stopped. Those who still glittering fireworks just like floating clouds, bloom at night time. Clearly remember the happy time, suddenly the storm, we will be in the hands of discarding the air umbrella. Discounts, with the wind kicked up rain flow, spray splashed a... . Play run, belly pain with laughter; Clearly in mind the moment of pain, a person quietly lying down on the bed, irrepressible tell yourself: if you don't want to let the tears flow into the bottom of my heart let it out of the wing.


We changed gradually, different time space, state of mind has changed. No longer ask why so many, the answer in the shadow. Partial jiangnan words, just like real character. Everything seems to be less important. But don't know why the body in the stream of people, as the constantly imagine, oneself also in the pursuit of what. And those for yourself, and what does it mean? The answer in the gain medium. Delighted, however, their own pace, has no such anxious psychology. Haven't got lost when so many tangled emotions. Maybe is easy to meet, maybe is really know what they want, want to pay what .


Mixed society, see more simple and how? Today is yesterday, tomorrow I have a clear conscience remains unchanged. Win the worth, lose and easy. Not learn worrywarts sorrow day again, not learn to shallow to worry. Simple life, the pursuit of spirit, calm state of mind. Green mountain passes away, be President. Since after the initial moment unjustly on a journey, so as to walk all the way. If there are can't disappear, when you stood in the life to high although found around a lot of detours, but has always been his confessional walker. Is not in what regret some things haven't done. Look, clear meaning. Ah! Life is a life time, ask for anything? But enjoy it when the sunset, red, full of talk to once you and me. Stories are not in the long, copy is like at the beginning of life. And we, just using the words ringing bells, and then string into music, burgundy wine let the song I sing for you again life...

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