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2015年1月28日 (水)

because a person, love a city

Ice floating snow for two days, before you came only just stopped. The car on the ice and snow road snail like crawl, mobile phone in your message one by one: "I went to the corner of the street, stood in the piece of street signs, Yiyi, where are you ?"


"The car is very slow, I seem to be a little late!"


"Nothing, I will always wait for you in here anyway."


I smiled and looked out of the window, the heart of sweet recall your smile. Meet from last one has two years later. Two years, we in the long nights of each other to write so many affectionate words, but never thought will really meet again.


I finally saw you.


You a man, so lonely standing in the corner of the street, tall, is still so sad eyes, eyes still has snow all over the sky.


Suddenly, I stopped, I dare not go in the past. I'm afraid the memory gate is opened, the red past is not to come one after another to. I'm afraid fate that Zhang as changeable as clouds and rain hands dragged me into the future of the unknown.


"Energy-saving" is really a youth sad movies. I like a child holding a large box of popcorn, those classic lines laugh, while with the hero tears tears. You beside, see my smile, appreciate the look in the eyes, also has spoiled.


Portman restaurant is really good,university the thick of the petty bourgeoisie sentiment filled in every corner.




Smiling waitress in personally cooked us a Brazil coffee, delicate Belgium coffee pot to attract our eyes. On the stage to Russian singer singing at the outskirts of Moscow "pure". The time like silhouette, fixed good. Let this moment the tranquil and quiet forever, just as we have gone youth.


A hundred years old, really charming. Russian style buildings, or round or triangular roof, each building has an introduction, describing the history of architecture, city also bears witness to the vicissitudes of life.


You children's surprise, the hands of the camera kept shooting.


You say, Yiyi, here is the most beautiful city I have ever seen.


You say, because a person, love a city.


I pretended not to understand, chuckling awayNeo Derm Beauty Box.


Parting really always so cruel?


I followed the crowd on the bus, through the window to see you kept waving hands, and you to look.


My tears, then straight to drip down, just as the inadvertently slipped acacia.

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