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2015年1月12日 (月)

the moonlight walk



White Headset connected with music and the eardrum, more is the reality and the future, listening to the song, miss the memories, sing for the future!


The goddess incarnate all the world, grace and Gao Jie, but people often see the goddess known as the moon, because she is so be the pink of perfection




Pull the curtains, the goddess of the moon on the ceiling is depicted, as is the holy! She put the afterglow are weeping in people's shoulders, for people to put on a shoulder of Warsaw, walking in the moonlight, even if nobody accompanies,, will pour on the bursts of comfortable, warmth in my heart......


The ancients often see the month, I think, when they are in the moonlight, the silver yarn whether make them intoxicated? "The Moonlight before the bed, it seems hoary frost on the floor." Li Bai used the romantic sprinkle little Yinhua, "look at the bright moon, bow their heads and think of home." Is a miss on the most beautiful regrettable and not and. Thinking, perhaps, there is a most romantic is the moonlight! "I invite the moon, on the film into three." In the moonlight, though, with no friends or family members around, will not be lonely, because of you, in my side. Even though, not all, have you at least. Month, is the most sincere friend, stroking each lonely heart! Perhaps only Su Shi knows, one way car rental "aloof" bleak, "the magnificent palaces in the moon", and in the end, and sigh "clear shadow dance, like what in the world." Sorrow! The ancients full of wit, in addition to our admiration and deep thought, perhaps really do not have method, understand their feelings at that moment......


"Zhu Ge, low Chi households, as without sleep." Stop, in the moonlight, enjoy all the good, ear rings, subtle longing Nutrilite Hong Kong......

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