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2015年2月10日 (火)

but you are getting old

To tell you the truth, I don't know how long I can happy!


For twenty years! In this twenty years, I do not know how many times of Dongfeng green earth, snow white is already can dip your temples!


I don't understand before, do not understand your bitterness, don't know your day and night in tears, don't know you gradually health callused hands, don't know you alone bear the pressure, do not know what you hope for me.


Now I understand, understand you to my blame, know your sad, understand you as I think all pains, understand you silently.


I wish to know early! So you don't have to flow tears, without suffering from 'hit me, pain in your heart' pain, no longer for my future and melancholy!




In fact, afraid to think about the future,I just want to listen to your words, to accompany you to.


But I can not do.


Thirteen years old, my first time away from home, although only the distance, but is still 'to your life'. At that time, I was rebellious, the classmates all hate me, you always tell the truth, let me try to open my heart to accept every person. I finally did it, you are very happy, like have the world's best baby! I am not obedient child, is not their own idea, see the students a lot of one one out of school, he also began to shake. You harshly scold me, they quietly wiped tears. I know you are a cold heart, I know you hate me not good, I know I kissed your pains!


Sixteen years old, my first time away from home. You went to send me to school, the corners of the mouth, said my daughter really powerful. Before leaving, you cut my clothes, and without a word. From your eyes, I see the sadness. In fact, you do not know, I cried, cried for a long time. At that time, I will study very hard, but still failed to live up to your expectations. College entrance examination out that night, the I sleep at night, I know, you are worried about me with deep hatred and resentment. The second day early in the morning, I find the clearing, cry for a long time, I know you've been hurt in my heart. I'd give up yourself, you just push me to review. I hate you, because it is full of pressure, soaked with competitive high four let me afraid of unceasingly, more let me sad. But, your choice is right, I finally made the first step, though not perfect.


At the age of twenty, I set foot on the journey of the road. I don't know how do you spend no daughters before a few nights, just know, you and we said you more than we miss our thoughts of ten thousand times more! In the home, I just know the warmth of home, began to reach.


Why life passing away is always the most beautiful, is God won't let us out to the later?


Time flies, I have stand gracefully erect, but you are getting old, I really can't grow up, afraid of you so wasted down.


Mom, if possible, I would like to use a switch your youth. I really don't want to grow up, side miss forever childish stay with you, really want to let in the life the most wonderful time of the eternal moment in the pages of your happiness! Miss can make you like a kid again as angry scold me.


God, let the time slip away slowly, okay?

« because a person, love a city | トップページ | Ling Bo only vomits red »





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