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2015年3月26日 (木)

Ling Bo only vomits red

Shining lotus Rui, flying out of the water. A stem directs orphaned green, double common dividends. Seeing you for the first time, in the first day, then you have a waist length hair, a plain face, as we all know, a Buddism godness Guanyin Bodhisattva mount is the lotus seat, see you one eye, I feel, you are a Buddism godness Guanyin lotus in full bloom in the knee, a Buddism godness Guanyin below knee
Bi Hesheng, quiet spring Asahi colourful and fresh. Autumn flowers emit green, leaves Lo Green smoke. Beauty powder peerless, fragrant who pass? Take look at frost red Fang, ends this year. Root knot not pool, and entrusted by China. You like the lotus like integrity, purity, silt but don't dye, Qinglian Zhuo and not demon, such as lotus root knot without the. You like lotus, but not delicate, you bring love, brave to come to this piece of red land, you strive to live here, you want to take root here, however, the Nanman fickle man hurt you, rudely broken you here to dream, a city, a heart of shame, I do not know what time will you wound healing, I just know you want to leave, leave this piece of red land, go back to your left many years of home, in this way, we will every half an Chinese distance. If so, then, I follow you to track you, you will not feel surprised? Will not see me, give me a big hug?
Qing pool tuberculin Cai Wedding Master, Hua Yueying. Yun Yin Lian, greenhouse rain break Fang bearing. You are a flower of fragrant lotus, I pass by from your side, Du got your fragrance. You are a good teacher, he is a friend. You said, I have the courage, said I was "the first to eat crab people", you say, I read very well, you say, I'm good, you say...... You once said to me a lot, you make a shy child who dare to stand on the podium, in front of the whole class readings, is you let me be brave, now of I, still can remember clearly, before the senior high school entrance examination, you my sincere words and earnest wishes to talk, but, three years on, I forgot your teachings to me, until now I hear you want to leave, just remember you and I bit by bit, but, you teach me, I will never forget. But, three years after the college entrance examination, I'll take you to my expectation.
Fairy Ling Bo, Jing Zhongfang also take the dream drunk makeup. Before you, love to laugh, smile, the face is red, a face of bashful shape, I don't know, now you whether love, still laughing, his face still hung with a child like laugh? I believe, you will not be crushed, experienced the pain of you, will only become more and more strong, such as lotus, autumn to are scattered, Ling Bo only vomits red.

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« but you are getting old | トップページ | not from the inside »